Friday, March 30, 2007

Japanese Folded Patchwork Dayschool

Hooray, the icons are back, so here are some images from the dayschool taught by our branch secretary Julie Eastman earlier this month.

Basically, in this form of patchwork, one shape is folded over another, enclosing some wadding, and stitched down decoratively. Here they have folded a circle over a square. The objective was to make enough squares to join by oversewing to make a bag. The contrast of border and central fabrics and the scope for decorative stitches make this sort of work very 'moreish'. Once constructed the square/block needs no more quilting. But further embroidery, beads etc can be added of course, as desired.

Other combinations of shapes can be used - square over square, circle over hexagon, for example.

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