Friday, March 30, 2007

Something a bit different - patchwork

Dorothy (Palmer) is into patchwork as well as embroidery and has contributed these photos. She made the bag in the first pic for the EG Embroidery in Trust exhibition at Little Moreton Hall last summer. The 'stained glass' technique using black strips to outline the pieces features in this bag and in the quilts.
This bag uses a project that appeared in Stitch magazine involving stitching tucks with space-dyed thread, then stitching across them, pushing them together in alternate directions.

Magic tiles are rather clever. You begin with (here) 12 squares of 9 different fabrics. Piles are made of one of each fabric. Four cuts slice them across, making 9 pieces. These pieces are swapped around and made up into blocks with one piece from each fabric in each block. Look carefully and you'll see Dorothy has varied this a bit, to interesting effect.



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